Benvin Associates & architecture Company

About Us

Benvin Associates a sole proprietor concern, in the line of hiring of construction equipments, having its registered office at No.1, V.G.P Santhanammal Nagar, Velachery Main Road,Chennai 600073 TamilNadu. The firm is headed by JVB Fernando. The company strides to be one of the leading hirers of construction equipments such as Steel Centering Sheets, Telescopic Adjustable Steel Spans, Adjustable Steel Props , Steel Column Boxes in all sizes and Scaffolding Materials such as all purpose scaffoldings

cuplock systems to implement the Modern Techniques in the structural Engineering and carved out a special attitides for itself in both Private and Public sectors, were factors of economy, expediency, stability and safety and time consumption to be blended to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

With its expertise professionalism and intense care for quality of centering materials in and around Chennai. The company gets good counsel then and there on technical and administrative matters from experts in this field. The company has opened avenues of employment for more than 15 persons of both skilled and unskilled categories. It is the company’s Motto , to satisfy its customers by its quality and to leave and indelible mark of excellence in the chequered history of this industry.